• 3 cups of chilled leftover mashed potatoes

• 2 to 3 cups grated cheddar cheese

• 2 tbsps chopped salad onions (green + white parts)

• 1 egg (lightly beaten)

• 3 tbsps all purpose flour

• Vegetable Oil

• Sour cream


1) In a large bowl, sir the mashed potato, cheese, the salad onions, egg and 3 tbsps of flour, until combined.

2) Divide into 12 portions, and roll into small balls, and flatten into pancakes about ½ inch thick.

3) Place the remaining ½ cup of flour in a shallow dish, and coat each of the pancakes.

4) Heat 3-4 tbsps of vegetable oil in a pan, over a med heat. (add enough to coat the bottom of the pan.)

5) Fry the pancakes in batches, until golden brown, & crispy on both sides (3-4 mins, add more oil to pan if needed.)

6) Transfer to kitchen towel, salt & pepper to taste.

7) Serve with sour cream, or more chopped salad onions.