• 1 tbsp olive oil

• 390g can artichoke hearts in water (drained & sliced)

• 4 rosemary sprigs (leaves only, chopped)

• ½ x200g tub ricotta

• 2 garlic cloves (crushed)

• 300g bread mix

• 75g green olives (sliced)

• 125g ball of mozzarella (diced)

• Mixed leaves (to serve)


1) Heat oven to 220c/200c fan, gas mark 7 .

2) Heat the oil in a frying pan, and cook the artichokes and rosemary for a few mins until the artichokes are a little golden.

3) Stir together, the ricotta, & garlic and season.

4) Empty the bread mix into a bowl and follow the pack instructions.

5) Divide into 4 balls and roll each out to a 20 cm circle.

6) Spread one side with the ricotta.

7) Scatter the olives, artichokes, & rosemary then top with the mozzarella.

8) Brush the edges of the dough with water, and fold the uncovered side over the filling, press the edges to seal.

9) Place on a baking sheet, and bake for 12-15 mins, until puffed & golden.

10) Serve with the mixed leaves