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Admin Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 23:05:27

All recipes ideas can be fowarded to me by this email and will be published under your name on this wee site


White Choc Chip Cookies

Sweets Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 22:44:15


125g butter softened

100g light brown soft sugar

125g caster sugar

1 egg lightly beaten

1 tsp vanilla extract

225g self raising flour

½ tsp salt

200g white chocolate chips


preheat oven 180oc/gas mark 4

cream butter and sugars, once creamed combine in the egg and vanilla

sift in the flour, add salt, and chocolate chips

roll into walnut sized balls, for a more homemade look, roll into a long thick sausage shape, and slice to make neater looking cookies

placed onto ungreased baking paper, bake for 7 mins for soft gooey cookies, or 10mins till golden round the edges

take out oven leave to harden for a minute, before transferring to a wire cooling rack.

watercress soup

Soups Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 22:40:53


o 1 ltr vegetable stock

o 1 shallot (chopped)

o 25g butter

o 75g fresh watercress (leaves only)

o Salt and pepper to taste


1. melt the shallots for five mins in a pan till soft or brown, (your taste)

2. add this with juice, to soup maker

3. add the leaves and the stock

4. fill to max level

5. Set to blend

Vegetable Shepard’s Pie

Main Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 22:38:22

main ingredients

1tbsp oil

1 leek, trimmed & freshly chopped

2 carrots finely chopped

150g chestnut mushrooms roughly chopped

1 large garlic clove finely chopped

3 fresh sage leaves roughly chopped

3 sprigs of fresh thyme leaves finely chopped

400g tin of puy lentils drained

400g tin of chopped tomatoes

300ml veg stock

250ml red wine

1tbsp worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tsp chili flakes

1tsp castor sugar

salt & finely ground pepper


2 sweet potatoes (500g) peeled and cut into 2 cm chunks

2 floury potatoes (500g) cut into 1cm chunks

½ cauliflower leaves & roots separated into florets

knob of unsalted butter

salt and freshly ground pepper

1tbsp finely grated parmesan



heat the oil in frying pan on med heat and add leeks for 4-5 mins until softened

add the carrots, mushrooms, garlic and stir regularly for 4-5 mins

add the sage, thyme, tinned tomatoes, stock and red wine and stir together until well combined mixture to the boil, reduce heat till simmering and continue this for 18-20 mins while you make the topping


preheat oven to 200c/180fan/gas 6

bring pan of water to the boil, (no salt)

add sweet potato, boil for 6-8 mins

and add floury potatoes, boil for 4-5 mins

add cauliflower and boil for 8-10 mins until tender

drain veg and return to the pan

add butter, and season with salt & pepper

mash to smooth

set aside and keep warm

sir in worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, chili flakes, & sugar into mix, (which should have thickened)

continue to simmer for 1-2 minutes adding water if gets dry

transfer filling to oven dish

add topping, leaving an even layer

create peeks using a fork

sprinkle parmesan over top

bake for 18-20 until golden brown, and filling bubbling

Tomato Ketchup

Sauces Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 22:31:39


5-6 ripe tomatoes

1 challott

1 garlic clove

75g celery

2tbs rapeseed oil

50ml white wine vinegar

50ml of tomato puree

3tbs brown sugar

1tsp salt

nutmeg to season


roughly chop the tomatoes, shallot, celery, & garlic

heat the oil in a saucepan over a medium heat, add the tomato puree, and vegetables and saute these for a few mins

add the vinegar & the sugar

reduce the tomato mixture for 30 mins or until thick

take off heat, allow to cool

blend till a smooth ketchup

season with salt, pepper, & nutmeg

Spiced Onions

Sauces Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 22:28:35


1 large onion

1 tsp chilli powder

½ tsp salt

5 tbsp tomato ketchup

1 tbsp mint sauce

2 tbsp mango chutney


chop the onions finely (works best with small pieces of onion)

add chilli powder + salt, mix well

add the tomato ketchup, mix well

add the mint sauce, mix well

add the mango chutney, mix well

refrigerate for 30 mins to allow the flavours to infuse and mature

Southern Coleslaw

Sauces Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 22:24:32


2 apples (peeled)

2 broccoli stems

2 fennel bulbs

¼ red cabbage

¼ white cabbage

5tbls mayonnaise with olive oil

lemon juice (for seasoning)

salt & pepper (for seasoning)


thinly slice apple, broccoli stem, fennel, red cabbage, & white cabbage

mix in the mayonnaise with olive oil

season with salt & pepper and lemon juice (to taste)

Seaweed & Tofu Soup

Soups Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 22:21:45


¼ cup crumbled dried seaweed, such as wakame, or kelp

¼ cup of thinly sliced sibes

2 tsps of minced garlic

2 tsps of toasted sesame oil

¼ tsp freshly ground pepper

4 cups of water

2 tbsp white miso

2 tbsp of diced firm tofu


place seaweed i a medium bowl, cover with water, and let soak for 20mins

add sibes, garlic, sesame oil and pepper in a bowl

warm a medium saucepan over a high heat, add the sibes mixture cook, stirring until fragrant, about 1 min.stir in water and the miso.

drain the seaweed, and stir it into the soup, along with the tofu, cook onto a medium-low heat for about 10 minutes, remove from the heat, taste and season with more miso if desired.

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